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It one of the top new STEM toys available right no - Posted By nbzu2ik (nbzu2ik) on 28th Apr 20 at 8:13am
Giggling adorably at the actress's "Weekend Update" impression as the trash talking "Notorious RBG," Ginsburg admits to the skit being very funny, even as she takes pains to point out that she is, in real life, absolutely nothing like that."I tend to be rather sober," she says, with characteristic understatement, noting that her personality is in sharp contrast to the more jocular nature of her late husband, Marty (and even some of her seemingly staid colleagues). Despite her biting legal writing, she comes across, on camera, as unfailingly mild mannered, decorous and polite, especially when the film explores her rather unlikely friendship, based on a shared love of opera, with her late conservative colleague Antonin Scalia.Rather than focusing on personality, however, the bulk of "RBG" has to do with its subject's lifelong fight against gender discrimination a fight pressed over many years, many cases and, in most instances, delivering only incremental change. One of Ginsburg's early milestones as a litigator was a 1973 appearance before the Supreme Court in which Ginsburg argued, ironically, not on behalf of a woman, but a man: Air Force Lieutenant Sharron Frontiero had sought the same spousal benefits for her husband as a male servicemember would get.

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