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How to maintain the wooden floor - Posted By qizhen0809 (qizhen0809) on 10th Oct 18 at 2:25pm
After choosing the most suitable wood flooring for your home, let's look at the main points to be paid attention to and some small details that can't be ignored when carrying out the maintenance and maintenance of the wood flooring.
Regular use of non-dripping mop cleaning, the use of special floor wax maintenance.
Local cleaning can be used neutral detergent, strictly prohibited acid, alkaline solvents or gasoline and other organic solvents scrub.
Protection from prolonged exposure to sunlight.
When indoor humidity ≤ 40%, humidification measures should be taken, and when humidity ≥ 80%, ventilation and moisture discharge should be done.
Avoid sharp tools scratching the floor, moving heavy objects can not be directly on the surface of the floor drag.
Don't cover the floor with airtight material for a long time.
Do not put open fire, high-power heating appliances and strong acid, alkaline contact with the floor.
Water, electricity, coal, main valves and switches that are not in use for the time being should be closed and the air in the room should be well ventilated.
Clean and vacuum the floor regularly to prevent sand particles and other hard objects from scraping the floor.
Pay attention to the leakage of water in the bathroom and kitchen.
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